3 Simple, Effective Home remedies for Colic or Gastric Pain in Babies especially breast feeding babies.

The following methods give relief to babies immediately and relaxes them off the discomfort. Please follow these methods for babies of three months and above.

Method 1.

  1. Burn the tip of a ‘sweet flag’ root over a flame for a few minutes till they char.
  2. Crush the charred part to get a few pinches in powdered form or rub the charred part over a clean stone so that the charred part falls as powder.
  3. Collect the powdered part and gently rub on the baby’s belly.

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Note 1: Sweet Flag (Acorus Calamus) is called “Vasambu’ in Tamil, “Vach” or “Vacha” in Hindi.

Note 2: If the root doesn’t get charred properly, it couldn’t be powdered as well properly.

Home Remedies For Colic Pain
Charred Vasambu For Stomach Pain

Method 2.

  1. Pick a handful of drumstick (Moringa) leaves along with half a teaspoon of crystal (rock salt.
  2. Crush and squeeze the leaves and salt tight to get a spoon or two of juice.
  3. Rub the juice on the belly, both the palms and both the soles under the baby’s feet.
  4. Place a tiny drop of the juice on his tongue.

Note 1: Drumstick is Moringa oleifera.

Home Remedies For Colic Pain
Extract of Drumstick leaves with rock salt for Stomach Pain

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Method 3.

  1. Pick a tender leave of guava and a very tender leaf/stem of Adamant Creeper and a jujube leaf.
  2. Extract juice out of the leaves using a few drops of water.
  3. Pipette 5-7 drops of the same n administer into the baby’s mouth.

Note: Adamant Creeper is Veldt Grape (Pirandai in Tamil) and Jujube is Ziziphus jujube (Ilantha ilia in Tamil)

Home Remedies For Colic Pain
Juice of Guava leaf, Jujube leaf and Adamant Creeper for Stomach Pain

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  • jainul

    May 11, 2021

    valuable one. This tips helped me while my kid was suffering with colic pain. Believe it or not one dose cured her colic pain permanently. It relieved her pain and didn't occur again any time. Still I cannot forget those times I used to pat her by having her in my shoulders and walk for several minutes till this magic solution brought her complete relief

    • Rathikala Manickam

      May 27, 2021

      Happy to know that,you can connect us through message if any queries regarding parenting. We are ready to help at any time.😊


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