8 Home Remedies for Constipation

Constipation is the most common digestion problem among many people around the world. This is basically a lifestyle problem caused due to unhealthy and imbalanced diet, irregular sleep pattern, low water intake, lack of physical activity etc.

For proper bowel movements and better functioning of the body system, we need a balanced diet rich in all essential nutrients, an intake of 1.5 to 2 liters of water, needed rest and sleep, adequate physical activity and exertion and a fit body. All these combined gives a healthy body, especially needed for good gut and digestive health.

Missing any of the above, can easily be a cause for frequent stomach pain, difficulty in digestion, heartburn, acidity, gastric problems and bad breath.

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Let us look at 8 natural ways that help solving Constipation problem.

  • Home Remedy for Constipation 1

Ingredients Needed

Curry leaves, Dried Ginger, Pepper corns, Cumin seeds, Rock salt, Roasted Asafoetida.


Powder the above mentioned ingredients by pounding.  (The powder should be very fine).

Mix a teaspoon of the powder in a small cup of hot cooked rice and ghee and eat a few gobbles every day before a meal, preferably lunch.

  • Home Remedy for Constipation 2

Including August Tree leaves (sesbania grandiflora) in the diet once in a week, helps in regulating bowel movements.

  • Home Remedy for Constipation 3

Drink 3 drops of juice extracted from the leaves of crown flower (Calotropis) mixed in 30 ml of Castor oil.

  • Home Remedy for Constipation 4

Eat at least a slice of fully ripened Papaya fruit every morning.

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  • Home Remedy for Constipation 5

Steam cook tender leaves (remove the stem) of balloon vine and extract the juice to make rasam. Weekly once in the diet eases digestion and bowel movements.

  • Home Remedy for Constipation 6

Including Colocasia (from Araceae family) in diet at least once in a week. Both the root ( it is a root vegetable) and the leaves are edible parts and both have good health benefits.

  • Home Remedy for Constipation 7

Shadow dry Indian Bhel leaves (Aegle marmelos L.) and grind it to a fine powder.

Mix a teaspoon of this powder with a little butter or ghee.

Consume it every morning and evening regularly.

  • Home Remedy for Constipation 8

Have a teaspoon of organically prepared Gulkand every morning and evening for 5-6 days.

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These home remedies work well for constipation problems. Leaving these aside, the best care for stomach related problems is taking proper diet, which includes drinking plenty of water every day, which is roughly 1.5-2 liters (which includes all types if fluid foods we take in a day), fiber-rich diet loaded with minerals and vitamins.

Those who constipation problems should avoid baked items made of all-purpose flour (maida) and deep fried, oily foods, and can drink a glass of warm water after every meal


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