Anger Management – Tips to Calm your Anger

We all know what anger is and what it feels like to be angry. Don’t we?

Anger is an emotion that is helpful when in control because it makes you aware of something wrong happening. Yet uncontrollable anger can harm you more than the person on whom it’s directed.

Many times we get angry over things that someone does. It’s possible that we may be triggered by certain people who we are unable to understand. The person whom we are upset with will be unaware of how we feel. What they do might have no connection with us. Perhaps they are acting with a good intention, but since it sets off our triggers we are unable to interpret the action positively.

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How do we express our anger?

There are three ways in which we respond when we are angry.

  • We may lash out at the person who upset us.
  • We might be calm but clearly communicate our displeasure in a healthy way.

Through both the above ways we are able to express and take out our anger.

  • Another way to respond when we are angry is to withdraw from the person and sulk and harbor ill feelings about the person.

This response might do the angry person a lot more harm as with this response he or she is unable to express and has to suppress the anger. This is especially harmful and can even cause high blood pressure, hypertension or depression.

Is it really good, but to let lose our temper and let out our anger? We must be able to quickly overcome it without getting harming or hurting both the parties involved.

Anger Management

What can you do at the moment to hold your anger to avoid the worse?

Here are some things that you can do when you are in the moment of anger to control and regain your composure.

  • Close your eyes, focus on your breathing
  • Count backwards or forward till you feel calm
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Divert your attention to another activity
  • Acknowledge your anger and validate the feeling

Next, isn’t it important to have a calm mind to benefit in the long run for our own good mental health? How about working on ourselves to calm our mind and have a better temperament.

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Anger management – How to Calm Your Anger

  • Communication should be improved – many times miscommunication can cause mismatched expectations and lead to increase in frustrations.
  • Acknowledge the problem and find a way to work around the problem
  • Relax and have a change of environment
  • Exercise for at least half an hour daily to be able to handle stressful situations in a calm and composed manner.
  • Observe yourself and understand your patterns and find ways to break the pattern.
  • Consult a therapist to manage your anger issues if unable to handle it by yourself.

Feeling angry is not wrong but what you do with this feeling of anger. How you respond when in anger is what makes all the difference. Being in control of ourselves and our emotions is hard yet a very important tool for us to thrive in our life.

Always remember you can do everything that you aim to do. So aim to control your response to anger. Be conscious of how you respond and keep pressing forward to respond better next time.

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