Baby’s Growth and development in Third Trimester

The third trimester is the most interesting time period for every pregnant woman as they would be eagerly waiting for the arrival of their little one, but also, have started facing many new problems since the start of the third trimester. In this Third Trimester, the fetus growth can be classified into three stages such as 7th, 8th and 9th month.

Baby development in third trimester

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During the 7th month (28 – 32 weeks)

The baby can respond to the sounds outside and also can see the strong lights penetrating through the skin. The baby can move his head and also can blink his eyes. The fat starts to get accumulated over the baby and forms a protecting layer around it, this makes the baby’s skin becomes thicker now.

The finger nails, toe nails start growing and it is as soft as the skin itself. The fetus starts to gain weight, around 10 grams every week and your abdominal area starts to stretch more and the stretch marks will be more visible now. The development of the brain and lungs are still in process.

The baby will be between 14-15 inches long and 1.5 kgs approximately.

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During the 8th month (33-36 weeks)

The baby can recognize the mother’s voice clearly and also started to touch and sense the wall of the womb. Now the baby will start to kick more frequently and also started rotating inside the womb. The wrinkles on baby’s skin will disappear as the baby grows bigger and also the bones becomes stronger.

The development of muscles, bones, spinal cord, nervous system and lungs are in process. The kidneys are completely developed now. Few mothers can even feel the baby’s scratching around the wall of the uterus and the movements may slow down as the baby starts occupying more space in the womb and considerably less space for free movements.

You will be asked to monitor the number of kicks per minute to identify the baby’s movement/baby’s growth.

The fats accumulated around the baby becomes like a thick wax, which acts as an aid for easy passing during the delivering time.

The baby will be 16-18 inches and weigh 2.2 kg approximately.

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During the 9th month (37- 40 weeks)

By this time the growth of hair, nails, brain happens and they can respond to the sounds, lights and mother’s hard movements now. Lungs can exhale and inhale, ie., breathe.

The outer wax layer which was covered over the baby’s skin starts to separate from the skin as the skin growth is completed now. The baby’s skull bone will be still soft and hardens after the birth. The baby starts to move towards to the pelvic area and changes its position upside down with head towards the vaginal opening, thus preparing himself for coming out to see the world.

The baby will be 19-21 inches long and weigh 3.2 kgs approximately.

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The overall growth information of fetus in the Third Trimester:

Brain development, Lungs development, Spinal cord growth, Digestive system, development of Bones, Hair, skin, nails, senses.

Brain Development:

In the Third Trimester, the brain development is faster and it needs folic acids and omega 3 fatty acids for healthy growth.

Lungs Development:

Lungs development is mostly happening during this final Trimester and enables the baby to breathe on its own immediately after delivery.

Bones development:

The fetus starts to absorb all the needed nutrition like calcium from the mother’s body and builds the body stronger in this Trimester.

Hair, Skin, Nails growth:

The Fats accumulated on baby’s skin makes the skin stronger and the hair growth all over the baby’s body helps to maintain the baby’s body temperature stable by absorbing the needed calcium, iron from the mother’s body.

Senses development:

The development of all the five senses makes the baby to feel, hear, see, taste, make noise, movements, react to lights, etc., All these develops mainly in the final Trimester and requires basically all types of vitamins and minerals for the development.

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Digestive system development:

The development of digestive system completes in the Third Trimester and prepares the baby for surviving after being disconnected from the mother’s body.

Spinal cord Development:

The spinal cord, which is one of the most important growth of the baby happens in the Third Trimester as it controls all the parts of the body and make it strong. This needs more calcium and iron for the complete growth.

Once the development is completed, the baby will reach its right position and moves towards the birth canal.

Happy Pregnancy!!!

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