Do not Throw the Boiled Rice Water Away

The rice water we get after cooking rice (traditional way of cooking rice – soaking the rice and cooking in excess water and draining off the excess after rice is cooked) has a remarkable amount of nutrients and do not throw it away, like we normally do.

Drink the rice water diluting with warm water, twice or thrice a week, if you are conscious of starch consumption, though drinking it daily is also harmless.

Drink, especially toddlers and children, the combination with half teaspoon of sesame oil or ghee for boosting physical strength.

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The benefits? It is aplenty.

  • Improves digestion
  • Reduces gastric problems
  • Keeps one hydrated
  • Energizes the body
  • Regulates excess body heat
  • Children also can drink it, you can add a small piece of butter to it.

For Hair:

Apply on the scalp and the hair by mixing with coconut oil as a mask and then wash your hair after 20 minutes.


Mix a teaspoon or two of rice water with your shampoo and use this mixture as your hair wash.

Smoothens and conditions the hair, makes it healthier apart from reducing the harmfulness of using the shampoo directly.

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