How to Increase Immunity in Children?

Children get Infections easily when compared to adults. Adults get Infection of flu or cold, at least twice or thrice in a year, while children suffer from fever and cold around for at least five or six times, which is double the time when compared to adults. The reason is, the children have low immunity. The Immune system takes time to build up and as children continue to develop their immunity power as they grow and with the right amount of nutrients included in their food.

Reasons for Low Immunity in Children

Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses are the main microbial organisms which cause these Infections. Children usually get infections such as sinusitis, skin rashes, stomach troubles, bronchitis, ear infections, gum infection, cavities frequently. These frequent infections could cause Immune system disorder.

Primary immunodeficiency disorders (PIDDs is one of the main reasons of affecting immune system which makes the children fall ill faster and take longer time than normal to recover.

How to find out that children have low Immunity?

  •  If the children get autoimmune disorder.
  • If frequent stomach upsets and diarrhea.
  • If they are anemic for long periods.
  • If delays in Growth and development.
  • If they have Inflammation of Internal organs.
  • If Loss of appetite and Digestion problems.

Then we can easily understand that our children have very low immunity.

How long it takes to build Immunity in Children?

 Kids take years to build up their Immunity to Viruses, as there are several viruses which getting multiplied day by day. We could tell 300 different viruses passing all over the world today due to cold.

 How to Boost children’s Immunity Naturally?

  •  At least two years of breastfeeding after born.
  • Intake of more vegetables and fruits.
  • Regular Physical and Outdoor Activity.
  • Sound sleep.
  • Habits of good Hygiene.
  • Stress free life.

How to know if children have good Immunity?

 If your kids get cold and viral infections often at their early stage, their Immunity develops well naturally as they grow. If your children are not getting cold or other viral infections in their later part of their childhood, you can know that they have good Immunity now.

 Flu, cold and cough is very common during the first 4 years of a child’s life. On and off falling sick should not panic you unless the fever or cold stays longer than usual period of two or three days in cases of fever and 5-7 days in cases of cough and cold.

 The body system as they grow, will develop good immunity to fight these common illnesses and the children are likely to fall sick much lesser time. This could tell you, your child has developed a good immune system.

Foods to avoid To Help Boost Immunity

  •  White sugar
  • Soda
  • Processed foods
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Refined carbohydrates
  • Drinks high in sugar.

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Tips for Boosting Immunity

Regular Routine habits –

From rising to sleeping, meal times of the day, playing outdoors, if possible a small exercise routine etc.

Breath fresh Air –

Early rising in the morning can help this. Inhaling of fresh air improves respiratory health and is a great booster for mental health in both children and adults.

Eat well cooked foods –

Children can chew cooked foods better than raw foods. Proper chewing helps in digestion and thus good absorption of nutrients into the body. Also, there are foods whose nutritional value increase when cooked than consuming raw.

Drink enough water –

Allow the children to realize their thirst and drink adequate water accordingly. While it is an important healthy habit to ensure children drink enough water, do not make it a taxing exercise on them, forcing them to drink more water than they would need.

Keep body well hydrated and alkaline.

Keeping oneself well hydrated wards off many illnesses from exhaustion to stomach related disorders. Can keep the children energized and fresh to complete their activities better. Make it a point to insist children to drink plenty of fluids.

Including all nutrients in the food

Each type of foods – energy giving carbohydrates, body building proteins and protective minerals and vitamins, all are necessary for children’s growth and improving their immunity system, precisely insist on vegetables and fruits, which provide essential vitamins and minerals.

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Outdoor Playing

It is important to have an outdoor play routine for a child. It has a plethora of health benefits, both mental and physical. The outdoor playtime helps, both the body and the mind, learns to fight its enemies/opponents, build a stronger immune system/negative thoughts, and grow into a stronger individual with a greater personality.

 Happy Parenting!!!

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