Problems and Challenges During First Trimester of Pregnancy

You have started your journey of becoming a mother. It is enthralling, to say the least. This journey along with it brings a lot of changes in the body system. Most of the changes, despite being not so welcoming, are common.

There are a few things you would need to know regarding those challenges during first trimester of your pregnancy, how you can help yourself to overcome them and when exactly you need to consult your gynaec.

First Trimester Challenges

Common Problems and Challenges during First Trimester

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This is the most common disturbing thing during pregnancy and occurs mostly in the first trimester. This is absolutely normal and you need not worry about it. Stay hydrated drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Avoid taking medicines as much as possible.

Tip – Smelling fruits like lemon, chewing sour toffees could control your vomiting. Protein loaded foods with bland smell can help control hunger as well as help ward off nauseating feeling which results because of eating flavourful fragrant foods.

Tenderness/Soreness in the breasts

One of the earliest signs of conceiving your child is tenderness in the breasts. The breasts swell up and could make you feel bulky.

Tip – Wear a well-fitting inner garment so that you don’t feel uncomfortable or stuffy.

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Itching in the Vaginal Area

You might feel itching around the vaginal area and it is highly likely that your irritation level shoots up. Never mind, it is not problem though a big discomfort.

Tip – Try cleaning the vaginal space with hot/warm water as many times as possible in a day, it not only reduces itching but also can help prevent any bacterial infection.

Heartburn/Gastric Irritation/Acidity

With the secretion of progesterone, your whole body is undergoing a change and so is your digestive system. Gastric irritation /heartburn is the other common problems you may experience during these initial days of pregnancy. Along with it accompanies tight stools as well.

Tip – Include a lot of fibre rich foods, ensure to drink fluids in good quantities, fruits with high water content is an easy choice during this time. Make sure you don’t eat iron along with calcium, absorption of both in the body gets affected when consumed together.

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As your body now needs more energy as it is working harder to make sure, things are fine for both you and your baby. Fatigue is normal. You might want to sleep more, just sit in a place and do nothing. Exactly do that.

Tip – Take short naps a few times in a day, make sure you eat protein foods in good content. Walking also helps. Iron intake also helps as it helps in maintaining blood levels.

The above problems mentioned are majorly common and require no medical help. Understanding the changes, being aware of the problems and a little extra care to get it over with, can help you better. And another bigger comforting knowledge is that most of the above difficulties and discomforts wane off with the start of the second trimester.

When to Call A Doctor?

Since the chances of a miscarriage are higher during First Trimester than the following ones, it is important to know when you have to visit the doctor.

Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal Discharge along with itching around the vaginal area can mean Urinary Tract Infection and warrants a consultation with the doctor.


Slight bleeding or spotting can occur during the first few weeks, but heavy bleeding accompanied with or without periods cramps can mean miscarriage. Consult your gynaec immediately.

High Fever

High Fever, with temperatures running above 101 F or 38 degrees Celsius can harm the baby, hence a visit to the doctor becomes a must.

History of Chronic Diseases

Pregnant women with diabetes or thyroid problems or blood pressure need to make sure regular checkups and consultations with their doctor to avoid many untoward happenings later.

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