New Born Baby Poop

How many Times does a newborn baby pass stools in a day?

Every baby is different and there is not fixated number of times a newborn poop. Generally, a newborn of a few days poops three times a day and again, this is not a rule or a norm.

Some might poop a few more times, while some other babies might struggle for once or twice itself. Few things, you can know about the stool passing of a newborn.

For a breastfed new born of less than a week, if the mother’s food included dishes of easy digestion or of low nutrients, the baby may pass stool more than three times a day. On the other hand, if the food the mother had has been heavy or hard to digest, pooping is reduced to once or twice a day.

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The same holds true for formula milk fed newborns too. Formula milk of very thin consistency makes them poop more, while that of thicker than needed or suggested, tightens their poop.

newborn baby poop

What is the Colour of the Newborn’s Poop?

In the first 3 – 5 days the new born babies usually pass motion in dark brown or black in colour with a very bad odour. That is nothing, it is just the waste which has to be cleared completely from the stomach. After a few days, once baby starts drinking mother’s milk or formula milk as food directly, the stools starts to change its colour to mustard yellow and in a fluid state with grain or seed like particles spread over it. And happens a quite number of times in a day. It is completely Normal.

It is from the third month, the number of times of passing stools become like a normal routine like just once or twice in a day.

What is the normal colour of the stool?

If the colour of baby’s stool is Mustard yellow or bright yellow the baby is completely normal. If the colour changes to green, dark brown, red, or black then it is not normal and needs doctor’s intervention.

How can we say the baby is constipated?

If the baby doesn’t pass motion for more than four days or if the stomach area looks tight, or if the baby cries when passing stools or if the stools are solid like pebbles (pebble poop), it is constipation. If your baby is constipated, you can consult with the doctor and can give warm water which would help the baby to pass the stools easily.

As a breastfeeding mother, stop having gas producing food like eggs, skinned out pulses etc in your regular meals for a few days to avoid constipation. If formula fed, check the consistency of the milk again with the doctor.

If the baby was vaccinated and the poop there after is green in colour, it is no cause for a worry as it only indicates that the virus is getting out.

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How can you find the baby is sick by checking the stools?

Bloody Stools

The common reason for this could be because of a tear in the anus. Though generally, it doesn’t mean any major problem, you consult with the doctor to rule out any viral infection.

Pebble Stools

The baby is constipated. A few drops of warm water can help. Mother including more fibrous food and avoiding too much pulses or gas producing food controls this tight pooping.

Black/Dark Brown/Green

Medical attention is required, hence take the baby to the doctor.

Apart from this, conditions like baby not passing gas or excessive or refusing to drink milk should be given medical care.

Home Remedies for Constipation in newborn babies.

Do Pedalling movements with your baby’s legs :

This will help improving bowel movements and the baby to pass stool immediately.

Feed water and keep Hydrated:

Give some warm water to your baby, this makes the baby’s body easy to digest and avoid constipation.

A warm Bath:

It helps a lot to be relieved constipation as it relaxes the abdominal muscles.

Pressure on baby’s feet by our thumb:

This stimulates the intestinal area to push the hard stools to the anal area naturally.

Castor oil on baby’s Belly button:

Massage castor oil on the belly button area gently with clockwise and anticlockwise circular motion. This, in most times, gives immediate relief.

Check the milk consistency:

A breastfed baby’s mother should drink plenty of water and if formula milk, then the dilution of water and the milk powder needs to be checked.


When should you consult the doctor by monitoring the stools?

You Should take your baby to the doctor immediately if your baby is not passing the stools more than 14 days, along with Fever or denied to drink milk and also if you see blood in the stool or anus area.


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