Baby Developmental Milestones: 2 years to 5 years

Developmental Milestones

At 2 years of Age:

By 2 years of age, the toddler should be able to do most of the following activities:

  1. To walk, to climb and to run
  2. Should be able to point at, when a thing or the name of a person is mentioned
  3. To speak a number of words continuously, from around 15 months.
  4. To follow simple chores/activities.
  5. To scribble holding a crayon or a pencil.
  6. To able to enjoy listening to favourite/simple songs/stories.
  7. To try to imitate others
  8. To be able to start eating on his own

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Hands-on for Parents/Caretakers

  1. Read, sing, play, eat together with the child
  2. Teach them to stay away from anything dangerous
  3. Treat them as a child, you need not behave as one.
  4. If possible, can continue to breast feed them. It is equally important to make sure the child eats other healthy foods too.
  5. Make them do small errands, challenging him, motivating him
  6. Acknowledge and Appreciate his achievements

Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore – If…

  1. There is No reply back or response to others’ actions or questions
  2. He staggers abnormally while walking
  3. There are injuries/wounds
  4. There are unreasonable changes, especially if the child is taken care of by someone else
  5. Loss of Appetite

At 3 years of Age:

By 3 years of age, the child should be able to most of the following activities:

  1. Comfortably walking, Climbing, Kicking, Running and Jumping
  2. Able to identify/recognize common things, pictures etc.
  3. Frame small sentences of two or three words
  4. Able to say his name and/or age.
  5. Identify colors.
  6. Understand numbers
  7. Eat by himself
  8. To Express himself, especially love.

Hands-on For Parents and Caretakers:

  1. Read stories together and talk about them and the pictures in them.
  2. Along with story reading and storytelling, engage him in singing songs and teach his rhymes.
  3. Let the child eat from his plate. Let him have one for himself.
  4. Encourage him to eat well and right.
  5. Spend as much as time with him
  6. Help him in the dressing, use the washbasin and the toilet.

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Signs You shouldn’t Ignore – If Child…

  1. Losing interest or enthusiasm or getting exhausted soon while playing
  2. Falling down often
  3. Having difficulty in handling even small objects
  4. Unable to speak putting words together
  5. Lacking or no interest in food or eating

At 5 years of age:

By 5 years of age, the child should be able to do most of the following activities:

  1. Using words together to frame sentences ad communicate
  2. Understanding opposites/acronyms (Eg: Small x Big, Long x Short)
  3. Playing with other children
  4. Able to dress himself up
  5. Able to answer simple questions
  6. Counting upto 5 – 10 objects
  7. Washing hands

Hands-on For Parents and Caretakers

  1. Listen to what the child is talking
  2. Converse with the child more often
  3. Encourage the child to speak clearly and slowly, if they speak very fast by not saying the words clearly
  4. Read a story aloud
  5. Encourage the child to play more and do more activities
  6. Pay attention to what the child is playing with other children and how he is involving himself in the games.

Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore – 

  1. If the child gets scared, loses temper or behaves violently for no big or obvious reasons, while playing, they may be signs of the child having emotional/mental problems and also may be because of being treated badly.

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