Digital Detox Tips For Children

Technology addiction can be just as harmful as drug addiction. A Chinese teenager had cut off his own hand in an attempt to cure his internet addiction.

Just ask these to yourself before complaining about your kid.

Digital Detox For Children

1. Are you talking enough to your kid?

Most of the time there might be any specific reasons that child spends so much time on iPad, phones or computers. Sometimes, these gadgets acts as an escape from reality. If the child is facing problems that are causing a desire within them to escape, you have to find and address those. Teach your child to share their feelings and emotions with you as a family and his or her friends rather than getting suppressed or sharing them with unknown people in social media.

2. Where do you keep your gadgets?

Keep all these in a separate room. Most of the day we spend our time in the living room so try to avoid to keep it in the living area. But always make sure and monitor when your child is using it for age appropriate stuffs and the amount of time they spend on it.

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3. Are you encouraging outdoor activities?

Try to encourage the outdoor play time than indoor. Indulging in activities like trekking, walking in nature, being close to nature, cycling, jogging, etc will provide the much needed break from the muddled up thoughts that can increase online addiction. You can join them and role model them.

4. Are you spending enough time with your child?

It is very important to know as a parent, whether your child is suffering from loneliness, because these people are hooked on online and they seek instant gratification for their feelings. So make it so simple, sit with your child and spend some quality time. Make them happy.

5. Do they have hobbies?

Always help them to develop a hobby or develop some spare time skills, encourage them to develop life skills like swimming, cooking, cycling etc. It will take their mind off the screen and for relaxing. It also develops their ability to focus and self-control, taking challenges, self-solving problems and critical thinking etc.

6. Do you filter access your gadgets?

If your child is gathering information that is useful to the education, then it should be appreciated. If they are interested in social media and other unnecessary stuffs on internet. We should talk to them about their limits. And also we can make the age appropriate contents accessible.

7. Are you setting time limits?

Set a time limit for online availability. See to it that your child sticks to the time limit. And explain to them about the importance of their studies and their homework than winning in a candy crush.

8. Are you accessible or readily available for your kid?

Try to develop a friend in you for your child. Make yourself be available for them when they have issues in exposing their emotions. Sit and talk to your child about their day.

    What made you laugh today?
    Can you tell me something you learned today?
    What was the best part of your day?
    How did you enjoy your lunch break with your friends?
    What made your teacher smile?
    What was the worst part of the day?
    Did you share anything with your friend?
    What made you feel proud/happy today?
    If you are a teacher what would you have thought about today?
    Were you able to finish your work?

Etc., and many more which can interest them to involve in a conversation with you and make them comfortable to share their day’s happenings with you.

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9. Are you the role model for your child?

Try to limit your screen time and role model your kid, at meal time sit altogether, and talk about the fun part of the day rather than something in front of the screen.

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