First Weeks of Pregnancy

Every woman desires and hopes to be a mother one day. Mothering is a journey which starts from day one when the child conception is confirmed.

Here, we share loads of information on pregnancy and related topics covering it week by week and step by step. Let’s start from the first stage of pregnancy.

First Weeks of Pregnancy

First Weeks of Pregnancy

When a couple plan for a baby, each month becomes a test of expectation and patience. Hence, it is important to be aware of the changes that could happen when the ovulation results in conception. The changes could be, both emotional and physical.

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The Symptoms Those Tells You could be Pregnant

Most of the women, majorly first timers wouldn’t be able to recognize whether they have already conceived. The first weeks of pregnancy are missed. A simple workaround to guess about it is noting the date of the couple’s intercourse and there on monitoring the changes such as body blood pressure, urine, sleeping pattern, skin, mood swings after a week onwards.

During ovulation time, one of your ovaries release mature egg(s) travels through the Fallopian tube and waits for the sperm cells travelling towards it. And if it can be monitored correctly, we could even feel the difference in uterus, while ovulation time one of your ovaries releases mature eggs that travels through the Fallopian tube and waiting for the sperm cells which travels towards it. Once both sperm cell and mature egg meet, fertilization occurs and the fertilized egg to the uterus for the implantation.

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Once this process is successful, your little one, a new life begins to nurture in the uterus. Most of the women wouldn’t feel these happenings, but a few could feel mild movements, cramping in their lower abdominal area even from the stage of egg released from the ovaries.

When to Visit the Doctor?

Prenatal check-up is necessary in the first weeks of pregnancy as the baby is developing day by day. The pregnant mother should monitor her physical changes and also mental health as we start to experience emotional ups and downs in these times. Enjoy your pregnancy with paying proper attention on your diet as the needed nutrition plays a very important role in the baby’s growth.

Be sure that you have completed at least 15 days from your last period before going for home pregnancy test. Once the pregnancy is confirmed, you can visit gynecologists’ for the medical confirmation and early advices.

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A minimum of 7 weeks growth is a must for the first ultrasound scan as only after this stage, fetal heart beat and sac development can be assessed.

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Happy Pregnancy!!

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