Grandma’s cure #3 – Glowing face (For 18 years and Above)

Ginger and Honey for Glowing Skin

One of the most common things we use in home remedies is Ginger, as it has powerful anti-bacterial properties. It is normally known to cure cold, cough and related illnesses, as a digestion booster and even for detoxification.

Ginger can do a lot of deal of help in skin care too, as it is rich in antioxidants. Works well in reducing acne, wrinkles and even help the scars fade away. Ginger, along with honey, which is also rich in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties can help in removal of bacteria from the skin surface and help fighting acne and give a clear, glowing skin.

Let us see how these two can be combined for an easy remedy for glowing skin. This home remedy is strictly for adults above 18 years of age.

home remedy for glowing skin


Scratch out the skin of 200 grams of ginger and cut into small pieces.

The chopped ginger pieces should be allowed to soak in 200 grams of pure honey for 4 days.

After 4 days, the soaked pieces of Ginger are ready to consume.

You can eat one or two pieces in the morning on empty stomach regularly for 48 days.

Green Gram Beans with Egg For Clean Skin


The result is an amazing flawless face and also, lightens the complexion adding a natural glow to the face.

Taking ginger with pure honey in empty stomach increases the blood circulation, which increases the haemoglobin levels. Good haemoglobin levels, in turn, aids in preventing many skin related problems and also helps in good hair growth.Also, ginger boosts the immune system of the body, preventing common viral infections such as fever, flu, cold and cough etc.

Note: Store this preparation in a dry jar for keeping it fresh for a long time. Make sure that you use only dry spoon for taking out the ginger pieces and avoid having the spoon inside the jar.

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