Good Habits for Children – Health and Hygiene

Parenting is an art, cultivated in parents and nurtured and nourished in children.

Good parenting doesn’t mean or result in bringing up a successful child, but a child who successful in managing life.

Beyond the efforts in nourishing the emotional quotient of the children, which depends on that particular family, their lifestyle, financial competency, the relationship quotient between the family members.

On the other side, parenting also involves preparing the children with some habits which in the long run help them lead a healthy, hygienic life.

Here are a few points we have listed for such a bringing up.

For Parents –

  • Don’t Let your child stand and eat/drink.
  • Don’t let your kid drink water while having food, unless needed to.
  • Let the child know what he eats, gradually teach him what is a balanced diet.
  • Teach them how to chew properly and eat. Making noises while eating/drinking not be encouraged.
  • Include carrots, greens and egg almost every day in a child’s diet.

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  • Teach the child to clean his private parts properly.
  • Tell the child to change his innerwear after coming from school, wash his private part well.
  • Encourage the child to press the gums mildly every time he brushes the teeth.
  • Wash his eyes with clean water once or twice in a day.
  • Habituate the child to stand under the morning sun every day.
  • Keep reminding them to drink more water.
  • Make the child do 10-20 sit-ups before leaving for the school.
  • Make him drink warm water soon after brushing the teeth every morning.
  • Strictly Ensure ‘No screen time’ while eating.
  • Make him walk more.
  • Help him instil the habit of reading.
  • During every shower, ensure the child to gargle his mouth, flush his nostrils and clean the outer part the ears.
  • As and when possible, have your meals together.
  • Cleaning his bicycle, washing the shoes etc be taught as a weekly activity.
  • Let keeping the things back in their proper places become a habit. Make him do every single time.
  • Make them see greenery around for 15-20 minutes in a day. Refreshes eyes and reduces eye fatigue.

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Above All, be an example and try to follow those habits yourself which you want your child to follow, for kids pick up, what they see than what they are told.

More importantly, these are all good habits not a set of habits to have mandatorily nor can happen overnight.  The child should be gradually nurtured over years, may be from 3 years of age to 10-12 years or more to accommodate these habits in their daily life.

Do not make the child feel following these are punishments or a burden on them. They will give up on them as soon as you stop telling them or when not around. Good habits are a way of life!

Happy Parents’ Day!!

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