Bathing Powder – Grind Green Gram with Egg for Better Results

Green Gram and Egg Bathing Powder

Green Gram – 200 gms

Egg – 1

Separate the white yolk from the yellow and keep it aside.

Spread the green gram in a plate.

Pour the white yolk over the lentil and mix it thoroughly until the egg white coats entire of the beans uniformly.

Leave the mixture in shaded sunlight for 2-3 days. The beans should be completely dry.

Grind it to a fine powder.

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Method to Use:

Mixing green gram bean powder with water may dry your skin excessively.

Mix with raw milk or lactoderm (creamy layer after boiling the milk) or curd depending on your skin type for best results instead of water.

Mix well and apply over the body and wash it off thoroughly.

You can add a generous pinch or two of wild turmeric powder as well.

If not daily, you can use this twice or thrice in a week for best results.


  1. Natural cleanser for the body.

  2. Lightens the skin.

  3. Improves softness of the skin.

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