Home Remedy for Worms – Deworming Kids

It is necessary to remove intestinal worms in children for their good health, majorly with respect to eating. Children who have worms in their stomach and intestine may tend to eat less, suffer from digestion problems and stomach pain.

There is an easy method to get rid of intestinal worms.

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Home Remedy for Worms: How to Deworm Kids Naturally

This medicine can be consumed by children of 6 years of age and above.


Leaves of Coral Tree/Tiger Claw (Erythrina Variegata)

Hot Water

Deworming Medicine for Kids

Method to Consume:

  • Clean the leaves and remove the thorns.
  • Crush and squeeze out the juice from the cleaned leaves.
  • Alternatively, can grind the leaves coarsely and extract juice too.
  • Mix just 10 drops of the juice with 10 drops of hot water.
  • Let the child drink during the night before his bed time.


The morning after its consumption the previous night, all the worms in the stomach and intestines get removed through the poop. All types of intestinal worms such as tapeworm, roundworm, threadworm are expelled out with a single dosage. A powerful home remedy for deworming.

These leaves help in easing constipation problems as well.

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Adults can drink this medicine as well and there are no side effects of this remedy when taken in above recommended small doses. Excessive consumption should be avoided.

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