Easy Remedy Itchy throat/Throat Irritation


Bite 2-3 cloves so that the juice is released. Swallow the juice down the throat slowly so that it wets through the throat thoroughly. Repeat the same until you are sure the cloves have completed been left with no juiciness.

Take care not to swallow the cloves. For each bite, let the juice stay for some time and be swallowed slowly. You can do this for 20-30 minutes in all and then if you can gulp down the cut pieces of cloves.

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Swallowing the juice of cloves slowly after making it stay in the mouth for some time kills the germs, causing the itchiness, in the throat. Since the germs are destroyed, this home remedy prevents infections, which are caused by sneezing and coughing like that of COVID – 19 which spreads easily by the saliva of people.

Throat is instantly freed of the irritation and the itchiness and it also, thus, controls dry cough.

Cloves are a great natural antiseptic killing germs in the mouth and help in maintaining oral hygiene and prevents bad breath. Actually, the above said method is an effective home remedy for toothache due to cavities.

Cloves aid in digestion, reducing the acidic reflux caused by heavy meals and soothes the inflamed stomach lining caused by ulcers. The alkaline properties of clove acts against the excessive acids produced in the digestive tract, helping in easing the digestion.


It can be repeated for a few times in a day and there are no side effects for this home remedy.

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