How to Build Fine Motor Skills in Children

What are Fine Motor skills and why are they needed for children?

Every parent would want their child to grow up to be an active and smart individual. Being active and able to think and act is needed as they grow up and as parents, we yearn to see those qualities in our children. What do we not do to achieve that in our children? Parents’ taxing up seeking the opinion of diet, school, etc.

React to Know about Foods for Children’s Brain Development

Before all of these, it is very important to improve strength which involves the coordination of small muscles such as hands, fingers with eyes. This set of coordination skills, we term fine motor skills.

Developing this coordination skill plays a vital role in a child’s basic development to enable him to do a lot of activities, from day-ay-dayivities such as writing, arrand, anging to nuanced and intricate ones, especially, those would require focus and finesse finish.

Tips to Build Fine Motor Skills in Children

Can Parents Help improve their kids’ Fine Motor Skills? And How?

Yes, parents definitely can help their child improve his fine motor skills. In fact, a An plaplaysdynamic role in developing the fine motor skills of their child, as activities involved to improve these skills can start at home and it is better if it starts at home.

How to Make your Kid Smart

A child with normal developmental milestones wouldn’t have to be given extra care on developing fine motor skills, but engaging them in play way methods in their daily activities can go a long way in helping them.

On the other side, if you notice any sort of lacking coordination of hands/eyes with eyes, lack of attention, a parent can train their child to improve his motor skills, again engaging them in their daily activities making it fun for them.

For example, to start with, playtime while bathing with some colorful toys in the bathtub can add a lot of fun.

Involving children more in drawing, coloring activities, and even just scribbling can increase their finger – eyes coordination.

Build Fine Motor Skills

20 easy ideas to develop  FINE MOTOR SKILLS in children are as follows:

  1. Drawing and Colouring different shapes
  2. Playing with colorful clay
  3. Fixing cardboard puzzles / Board games
  4. Activities based on playing with kitchen tongs or tweezers
  5. Keyboard practice
  6. Paper cutting and pasting
  7. Playing in the sand
  8. Practicing taping
  9. Developing Handwriting practices frequently
  10. Twist and Play with strings
  11. Finger paintings
  12. Practicing Origami arts
  13. Yoga practices
  14. Jewelry/bracelets making
  15. Dancing
  16. Computer skills
  17. Playing with building blocks
  18. Cooking
  19. Sweeping
  20. Organizing the wardrobes, bookshelves, and Showcases.

Apart from the above-mentioned activities, there are a lot and a lot of day-to-day chores like combing their hair by themselves, dressing up, washing their socks by hanhandleahandtheir cycle, eating by themselves, pets care, bathing, etc.

In the current age, one important thing to be noted is helping children not be engaged and addicted to gaming, watching TV, etc. Instead, it is imperative for parents to make them do a lot of physical and muscular activities as early as the children start to sit/stand/walk, etc., depending on their age and physical development. Physical lag is the main cause of poor development of fine motor skills.

As parents, apart from encouraging outdoor play, the children should be practiced so that they are able to attune themselves to doing their daily activities themselves, which is important for their muscular movements in a day, training the brain to be sharp and also to realize their responsibilities.

Allowing the children to enjoy themselves in their way is equally important. Making them understand is important.

Let us teach our kids many activities which don’t involve only their academics such as planting trees, saving water, helping others, and keeping our surroundings clean activities which actually improves their FINE MOTOR SKILLS as these would involve and improve their finger muscles, eyes, thinking power and thus the overall development of the child.

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