How to Engage Kids at Home

As everyone is locked inside our homes due to COVID -19 breakout, it becomes a great challenge to engage kids at home. And as parents, we keep trying to find innovative ideas and ways to keep our children engaged. Learning is not just about syllabus based worksheets or exercises to improve vocabulary or math skills.

So here we are giving a few Ideas to engage kids at home or inside your society premises, which can help them keep engaged with useful activities which can be fun during vacation and also help them improve their language and math skills.

“Mom, I am bored!” 

Isn’t your child saying these words frequently these days?

Come, let us have a plan for them…

Tips for Engaging children During Vacation


After a good night’s sleep, it is in the kitchen Kitchen where everyone in the family assembles for the breakfast. Why don’t we start from kitchen activities for children?

Let’s teach kids simple, tasty and healthy breakfast to prepare with available fruits and vegetables with a glass of some flavoured milk.

Or Bread toasts and sandwiches are also other options.

Or Cereals with fruit juices/ fruit bowls

Or a mix and match the above options.

Starting the day with preparing their breakfast can make them enthusiastic and interested. Gradually, introduce them to making other dishes for lunch and dinner as well. Also, teaching them “Baking” is an interesting option. 


An easy way to refresh a mind and soul is going around the garden and do a bit of gardening related works every morning.

Introduce this world to your kids, let them start with watering the plants. Show the new shoots, new blooms and let them watch the plants grow and buds blossom.

Make them sow seeds like coriander seeds, fenugreek seeks etc. These don’t require much space, grow faster and can be used soon as well.

Many studies have proved that the gardening is a very good activity to train our brain and helps improving motor skills as it involves muscular movements as well.

Teach them the art of living the life in such an interesting way of gardening.  

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Self-Bathing Techniques

Most of our kids do not take a bath in a proper way as we don’t have much time to notice in a busy schedule. This is the right time to teach them how to wash our feet, nails, ears, their private parts and keep the body clean. We can teach them how to use toilet items, how to save water, when to switch off the geysers, lights, etc.

Make Bathing time a really enjoyable one as it plays an important part to be fresh and clean as the day begins, make it a good feel one.

A Tip – Insist your child to gargle his mouth, wash the nostrils and the lobes of the ear once or twice properly during bathing.

Art and crafts

There is no doubt about a kid enjoy doing the Art and Craft activities. So pick anything from a paper, newspaper, colors to any cardboard, threads, strings etc every day and let them innovate anything out of the things given. It is absolutely unnecessary to think about what comes out after the activity or how perfect it is. It is mainly to be appreciated as a result of the creative ability of your child.

This really helps children to be engaged with their own creativity and spend some real good time.

We can choose cardboards, colour papers, colour sequences, old CDs, use and throw cups, plates, for craft. A lot of ideas are shared in social media, which can help them.

Sewing and Embroidery

Children from 7-8 years can be taught to do simple stitches, sew a button, etc. Elder kids can be introduced to simple embroidery stitches, like making their names, small flowers, border patterns etc.

Crochet, Tying and Dying naturally is also an interesting activity.

Indoor Games

Obviously, without games we cannot make kids stay indoors for a long time. Apart from the board games, carrom and chess games etc,  you along with your child can innovate some new games and have a great family time. This helps a child in their physical and mental development.

Hide and seek, building blocks, word games, Lego games etc., are some other options.

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Cleaning Rooms/ Wardrobes

Organizing and arranging wardrobes should necessarily be made a habit for children rather than just another activity.

Give them freedom to make their choices, how and where to arrange their different types of garments.

Make this a time bound activity can help them to finish the chores fast. Same goes for cleaning and dusting their room/shelves/study table etc.

Science Experiments

You can collect children from your colony and divide into groups according to their ages. Assign them with scientific activities and small science projects.

You can arrange an elder child to do a workshop for his junior friends in the community.

This helps children to understand various science concepts and how science is applied in our daily life.

There are a lot of ideas on YouTube from simple experiments to contraptions to lecture videos.

Movie Time

This is one of the most favourite activities for both adults and kids as it engages us more by entertainment. Watching movies together is a good family time.                                                   

Why don’t we sometimes make use this movie time with some interesting real life stories of living beings, about our Earth, our solar system and about the history of kings along with watching good animation movies of your children’s favourite cartoon characters?

Board games

Board games are one of the most interesting activities in our childhood times. Similarly, it definitely will make your children’s free time fun-filled too. There are no time limitations while playing a board game, children can play as long as they want to.


Teaching about washing the clothes in this summer really makes more fun in the water and also paves a right way to teach how to use water and how to save water. Not only about water usage, but also they should know how to maintain the clothes of different types of fabrics and how to fold the washed clothes in a neat manner.

Reading and Story Time

Children can be given good story books to them at night times, it will relax their mind and also helps to improve their vocabulary. And in a way helps them to practice a proper bed routine.

Writing Articles

Children who understand basic grammar and are capable of framing sentences can be given chances to write their own articles on various topics like, about their favourite last trip, day spent today at home, favourite movie watched or any topics which they would be interested to write on their own. Writing skills help to distress and relax minds.

Basics of Computers

Children can be made to learn basic of how to use computer applications, especially writing notes, introducing them to do presentations. This also can be of help to them when they go to higher grades. Playing around with editing text, font styles, backgrounds, adding images etc can be a fun activity for them along with learning.

MS Word, MS PowerPoint are the widely used applications around the world. Edubuntu is an operationg sytem which is easy to install and a kids’ version of Ubuntu, where learning to use such computer applications is fun and kids-friendly and is used by many educational institutions.

Finally a small note to the parents…

As everyone now is locked up inside the house, we tend to have a lot of mood swings, but being adults we can handle it better. It is not the same for the children. We, as parents, should understand what they are going through, what they feel etc especially during this lockdown time.

Lock down would obviously be a new and not-so-good experience for the children, to be staying inside the home and not being allowed to play outside or meet their friends. Basically, instead of them enjoying their summer vacation, they are caged. So, we as parents should make sure they have a relaxing and comfortable time, even while staying inside home full-time.

And we need to understand, learning comes in different ways, not just from school books.

Let children be children and let us not burden and stress them. This is a different phase and let them learn to face life as it happens.

Happy Parenting!!!

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