How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally

There is nothing as stubborn belly fat unless you are on a consistent and sincere effort to work on reducing it. Achieve it with methods that suits you, a method that includes proper diet and regular physical workout.

There are other ways to burn those fats stored in our body. Here is one such easy, natural and healthy way to lose stubborn belly fat. 

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Take one handful of tender drumstick leaves. (Drumstick leaves were not actually washed, but with increased pollution these days, we cannot skip washing them too. However, unlike other green leafy vegetables, a thorough wash for two – three times isnt required for drumstick leaves).

Boil the leaves in 1 big cup of water for about 10-15 minutes.

Strain the water from the leaves after boiling and add a teaspoon of lemon juice.

Drink when it is still warm. 

Can optionally add honey to the drink to enhance the taste.

Note – Alternatively, if you cannot sources fresh drumstick leaves as needed, drink tea made out of drumstick leaves powder  (moringa powder) for weight loss.


The Lemon and drumstick drink helps to reduce the unwanted stubborn fat around the belly.

Drumstick is a direct and rich source of vital nutrients such as iron, Vitamin C and Potassium, which provide a plethora of health benefits. Not just helps in weight loss, it also helps to manage sugar levels, hypertension, cold and coughs too.

Drumstick leaves also unhealthy prevent cell destruction and because of its anti-oxidants boost the immune power of our body.

Lemon helps in the process of flushing out toxins from the body and helps restore the liver.

Important Tip –

Diet without workout or workout without diet does not work for the required results. Balanced diet consisting of low carbs, medium protein and high fiber along with regular physical exertion is important for staying in good health and good weight. Sustainability is as important as consistency.

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