Tips on How to Raise Your Kid Smarter

Many parents are of the notion that high score in academics is the key to success. While we don’t negate the role of good academy ranks in building a career, but that alone does not guarantee a child grow up to be a smart and confident individual.

In fact, a more percentile of children who are only strong in their school have shown signs of being vulnerable to failure and fearful of challenges.

A Healthy childhood, both in terms of body and mind, is important for the intellectual growth of your child. Here are a few tips to make your child as a smart and intelligent.  

Raising Smarter Kids

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Effective Ways to Raise a Smarter Child

Talk and Interact with your Child

For a child’s healthy mental development, the first thing you should think about is his communication, as it is the key skill which needs to be taken care of to raise his intelligence measure. It helps to boost their self-confidence. Hence, it is important you talk to your child and  interact with him more on daily life topics such as his friends, the parties he attends, the outing you went, his school etc rather than on topics such as fairy tales.

Eye to Eye contact

Helping the child to grow as an independent individual, helps him, in turn, to make his life a successful one. To establish this, it is important as parents that you have eye to eye contact with your children and encourage him to do the same. This instills a quality of honesty in them and helps in avoiding in telling lies.

Parents’ hug makes a lot of difference for kids, especially because of the secure vibe they feel, which builds confidence in them. Try to hug your child twice or thrice in a day to make them feel more secure and create a strong bond. The confidence thus built equips them to face challenges in the life. Create a happy environment at home by making Skin-to-skin contact and Eye to eye contact.

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Allow your Kid to play Indoor with their Friends

Playing at home with the approval of parents makes the child happier and stress free. Allow them to take their friends home to play. Don’t shout or scold in front of their friends instead talk positively about them and say ‘thanks’ for even any small help. We should create the opportunity for our child to interact with different types of kids. This helps them to manage different type of people, interact more confidently with others as they grow up.

Take your child out very often

Let your child explore the outside world and let them have a chance to manage the situation in real time. Take them to regular markets where you visit to buy household items, let them purchase and handle the payment. Explain them what needs to be bought, why buying some things can be a waste things and about managing money.

This exposure aids in mentally preparing them to handle economic aspects in life and as they grow up, they understanding the economic situation of the family are also  important. This gives them a chance to understand his own family economic situation.

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Encourage your Child’s Curiosity

Most of the children are naturally curious about the happenings around us. This Curiosity actually makes child to ask and learn more. A child’s question needs to be answered. There is no useful or useless question. Curbing their curiosity is very wrong. Instead, stimulate it more and more.

They now see many things new which arises a lot of questions in their mind. Nurturing such thought processes, supporting them in finding the answers, explaining them in a way understandable and convincing to them is an absolute method to ignite their minds.

Reduce electronic gadgets

Don’t be a bad example to your kids. As a parent, you first reduce your screen time, both watching TV and spending time on mobile. This, automatically, discourages them to use electronic gadgets. Makes them employ their time in playing games, doing art/craft works or household chores, even spend more time with you. Exposing them to daily life happenings helps them to discipline and organize their daily works.

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Music Classes


Musical training can help in shaping healthy mental development and to improve the child’s motor skills and general intelligence.

Children who learn music have shown improved language-based reasoning and the ability to plan, organize and complete tasks, as well as improved academic achievement.

The cognitive abilities are enhanced in a child through music lessons, which not only improves academic performances, but also make them better at planning things and controlling their behavior than children who don’t learn music at all. Here again, don’t push the child to learn the musical form you want, let him have his choice and enjoy the learning.


As your child being just a toddler, you can read out books for them and once they enter into 4 years, you can help him read by himself.

Let them read. Help them inculcate the habit of reading. Reading improves mental ability and reasoning power to a big level. It is widely suggested to avoid fairy tale books, books on unreal, fantasies etc, but if that is what the child is interested to start with, let him. You can gradually introduce different types of books to him and make him also understand to read books apart from just fantasy tales.

Believe In Them

Belief and Trust are the strongest weapon on kids. Believing your kid is smarter than average makes a difference. Try to accept the child the way they are, don’t push or pull them to your way of thinking or thought process. Let them live their own life happily in their way. Let them build their small happy moments. As a parent, be a guide in helping them to choose the right over wrong, help him reason why something is wrong and why is it right to avoid wrong.

More important than anything, They are still children… let them be.

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Happy Parenting!

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