New Born Care

Your Newborn’s Home Coming – Parents’ Must Know

While pregnancy, labor and delivery have been an unforgettable journey with a myriad of emotions heaving and waving in different stages, another new phase of life starts once you bring your newborn home.

Until the stay at the hospital within the four walls of care and observation of the medical staff, it is different. It is totally different after you bring your bundle of joy home. On one side, his/her one simple, single movement brings immeasurable joy to you and the family, on the other side, you will realize you have a long list of to learn new and to do things.

For sure, there would be elders in the family, helping you with various things. There might be a lot of things you wouldn’t agree, but don’t entirely dismiss them, because they share all this information from their experiences. At the end of the day, it is your decision and you act according to your instincts. There are no 100% foolproof methods, yet listen, understand and do what suits your baby medically.

Newborn Care and Health Tips

We, in this series of articles, bring forth a lot of tips, tricks, methods and information on handling your new little one, which we hope would help the nervous parents, first-timers especially. Everything takes an effort, while on a journey and reaching the destination.

While reaching the destination is beyond our capabilities, here at “Moms QnA” we extend a helping hand in your journey of parenting.

Basic and needed information on day-to-day activities on how to handle the new born, kids safety, Illness, Well-Being, Nutrition for New born & Playing and create Attention with them are broadly discussed here.

Newborn Care Basics Include:

  • Ways to Handle the Newborn.
  • Handling Baby’s Neck.
  • Changing Diapers.
  • How to Give Bath.
  • How to Dress the Newborn.
  • Cleaning the Umbilical Cord.
  • Caring for a Healing Circumcision.
  • Clipping Nails
  • Skin Rashes

On the other hand, help and advice will usually be needed to handle babies at urgent hours when it could take time to reach a doctor or when it could involve travel to reach a hospital. Exactly those timely queries, home remedies, consulting views are presented in this section – ‘What to do now’. While the world constantly sees advancements in medicine, the percentage that a child is prone to get health problems have also increased, from viral infections to fever, jaundice, injuries, colic pain, coughs and colds, allergies etc.

Newborn Health Care Include:

  • Feeding and Burping.
  • Colic Pain.
  • Gastric Trouble.
  • Vomiting.
  • Care After Vaccination.

Happy Parenting!

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