Symptoms of Postpartum Depression and Tips to Overcome

Postpartum Depression is a common mental disorder among new mothers, soon after the delivery of their child. Lack of energy, weakness, depending on others for even normal daily chores, lack of sleep, above all the doubts and fears which this new phase of life brings along, causes a lot of emotional imbalance.

Being aware of it for both, the new mother and father, can prepare them to handle this better. The baby’s father, as the partner of the new mother, if can be made to know about this disorder, its causes and remedy, etc., can help in a lot deal to handle the situation and help to improve mental health and emotional strength of the mother, which in turn can help to maintain a healthy environment in the family.

Postpartum Depression Symptoms

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What are the symptoms of Postpartum Depression?

The following are the common symptoms, most of them basically relate to the moods, the emotions and the mental state.

  •  Mood swings
  •  Anxiety
  •  Sadness
  •  Crying more often without any reason
  •  Irritability
  •  Reduced concentration
  •  Appetite problems
  •  Trouble sleeping
  •  Feeling hopeless or empty
  •  Feeling overwhelmed, moody, or restless

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Tips to overcome postpartum Depression

New moms with depression may not recognize or acknowledge that you are depressed. You may not be aware of signs and symptoms of depression.

Following tips can help most women feel better within six months.

“Me Time”

Take some “me time,” unwind yourself doing things you enjoy. It can be anything from craft to sleeping to cooking to preparing for the next feed for your baby. But, don’t but don’t isolate yourself. Why not consider joining a support group of new mothers.

Eat Well and Eat Right

Eating well and right gives joy and would set you in a good mood. Eat a well-balanced diet and get some exercise each day, and go for a pleasant walk at your convenient timings.

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Seek Help, Seek Out

Don’t be alarmed with new responsibilities. Allow your family and friends to help with food shopping, household chores, or child care. Allow someone prepare a meal or watch the baby while you relax with a shower, bath, or a nap.

Rest Enough, Stay Relaxed

Tiredness, Deprived sleep and/or Stress easily causes feelings of sadness and depression can worsen. Cheer up yourself with good rest, proper nutrition and great support.

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Talk It Out, Cry It Out

Talking and Listening to your mom’s, your grandma’s experiences and the experiences of other ladies’ you know who are mothers, could help you boost your morale, would help you feel supported. You don’t have to control the tears if you feel like crying, take it all out. It would lighten the heaviness you feel inside.

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Happy Mothering!

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