Pregnancy Due Date Calculation 

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How is your Due date calculated ?

Basically, the Due date is calculated by adding 280 days (40 Weeks) to the first Day of your Last Menstrual Period (LMP).

A baby can be born anytime between 37 – 40 weeks. Actually, very few women have delivered their baby on the Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD), but still this calculation could be highly helpful to track your pregnancy journey and to have an idea when your baby will be born.

Even if you have irregular periods then your Due date could be accurately calculated by an Ultrasound Scan.

How to find out Your Date of Conception

By noting down the latest date of the Intercourse and then by noting down the Last menstrual period dates.

First Day of your Last period 

Every woman must start tracking their period dates’ first day and the average cycle of their period (28 / 30 / 34 days) at least from three months to find out the Date of Conception.

The very first Day of your Last Menstrual Period Date helps to find out the Estimated Date of Delivery (Due Date).

The average period cycle duration of a woman is 28 days. Here we can calculate our Due Date by just adding 280 days from your first day of Last menstrual period day, and then subtract 14 days from that result. This is not the accurate Due Date but could expect 7 days earlier or 7 days later.

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IVF Transfer Date 

As IVF is an artificial treatment for pregnancy, we cannot calculate the Due date as normal method.

Here it will be calculated based on the Embryo transfer date. And under IVF, the pregnancy weeks can be calculated only for 266 days. If the Day 3 Embryo is transferred, then it might be 263 days and if Day 5 Embryo is transferred, then it might be 261 days.

Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD)

This EDD will give you the Idea about when your baby will be born with your Last Menstrual Period date.

The possibilities of giving birth on the Estimated Due Date

According to the hospital records, only 4% of women delivered their baby in the calculated Estimated Date of Delivery. Most of the Deliveries happen a week earlier or a  week later of EDD.

This Due Date Calculator could help the parents-to-be to pre plan things and events around delivery based on the expected date. It’s just a bookmarked date to know the milestones of pregnancy.

Test for calculating the Estimated Date of Delivery

The Ultrasound Scan measures the size of the fetus / baby and confirms the gestational age of the baby, which is considered to be more accurate clinically.

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Our Due Date Calculator Tool 

MomsQnA Due Date Calculator is the Tool which reveals the date of your little one’s arrival.  

Notes for the Users:

  • This Tool helps you to figure out your Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD) by providing your Last Menstrual Period (LMP).
  • This Tool helps to track your baby’s gestational age by getting the conceived weeks.
  • This Tool helps you to find out your upcoming fertility dates also.
  • Please give your Right LMP to get your right EDD.

Here For your Convenience we have created Pregnancy Due Date Calculator to help you in finding out the date of your little one’s arrival. Check and Enjoy Pregnancy related information in our MomsQnA website and the Tool

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