Reasons of Newborn Babies Crying

The main reason of a new born baby’s crying is the shock of him to have come to a new world where there is bright light and many noises unlike the cozy, comforting, rocking womb of his mother. It is his way of responding, reacting to the new experiences as he gradually starts to get used to live here.

How To Hold and Handle NewBorn Babies

Usually, it is only after 2-3 weeks after birth, the baby starts to cry loudly so as to convey his need or as a call for help.

Reasons for Newborn Crying

why newborn cry


Hunger is the main reason for a newborn crying. If the baby is breastfed every one and half an hour in the first few months, he will get sound sleep. His hunger can be easily figured out by his activities such as hand to mouth movements and lip smacking.

Stomach Upset – Colic / Gas:

When the newborn baby has a gastric problem because of the gas bubbles in their stomach, it gives stomach pain and discomfort to the baby. While most of the babies are not usually bothered because of this, but few will cry, cry their hearts out.

A simple workaround is Moms avoiding to eat gas producing food items for the first month. Having a pinch of Asofoedita mixed warm water or swallowing half a teaspoon of cumin seeds along with water after every meal can helps a lot in preventing baby’s Colic and Gas problems.

Burping after Every Feed:

Another main reason of newborn cry is the ‘Trapped Air’ in the stomach. This, again, causes discomfort.  Burping after every feed is a must as it helps your baby release the trapped air from his stomach and makes him feel comfortable during and after feeding.

Need to change the Diaper:

Most babies don’t like wet Diaper. And once the diaper gets wet, we need to change immediately. Keep monitoring the Diaper and changing it when necessary may help to stop the Baby Cry. Also, note that after urination, the baby might be feeling hungry as well and that could be another reason for baby crying and make sure the baby is fed accordingly.

Baby needs to be Held:

Most of the babies need their mother’s warm hug, hold, and pampering. This makes the baby feel more secure, comfortable and relaxed. So, the mom should hold the baby completely wrapped in her arms closed to her chest offering that complete and secured support on the baby’s back with a gentle rock. Many chances that baby stops crying with warmth and comfort immediately.

Sleeping Positions for Newborn Babies: What is Safe and What is Not?

The Weather may be Too Cool or Hot:

Most of the new born babies need warmth around them.  If the surrounding temperature too cool or too hot, the baby might feel uncomfortable and react immediately to the change by crying. Every mom should keep the baby in warm, clean surroundings by maintaining the room temperature in which the baby is calm and comfortable at least for the first one month.

Need to sleep:

Lack of sleep or disturbed sleep agitates the normal pattern of baby’s routine and he ends up profusely crying. Most babies wake up every 2-3 hours and sometimes even less than that. Waking up on their own after a good sleep, keeps them calm.  If, otherwise, their sleep gets disturbed by any noise, or light or because of not enough feed before the sleep, then cry.

It is very important that the baby is made to sleep for at least 13 hours a day for the first few months as it is vital for his brain development.

Discomfort Due To dressing or bed arrangements:

The baby is wrapped under layers of clothing to keep them warm during the first month. Ensure the baby is not put on with bothersome fabric or clothing and also make sure you or anyone who holds are not wearing any prickly garment. The skin of the baby is extremely soft and delicate, keep that in mind every time and all the time.

Also, how the baby is held also makes it important. Not just while feeding, but also while dressing him up.

A few things to follow – Don’t rush while dressing. Place him on your lap while dressing his upper half and lay him properly on a mat/bed while doing the lower half.

A warm, clean, comfortable and soft bed is also necessary as that of his clothing.

Normal or Need Help?

It is important to differentiate when the baby crying is normal and when does his crying needs attention.

When we can take this Baby cry as “Normal”?

It’s useful to know what all and when all it is ‘Normal’ in a baby’s cry. Every baby is different, so normal can be hard to define. On an average newborn tend to cry for around two hours a day and it can be taken as Normal. If the baby cries more than three hours in a day, then it must be taken seriously and it becomes important to find the reason of his cry.

When we should take this Baby cry as a signal to give more attention?

If the Baby cries a lot like more than three hours, then that baby needs to be taken to the paediatrician immediately. The reasons can include physical pain/discomforts such as earache, mouth ulcers, or a raw diaper rash. An ulcer on the tip of the penis/vagina may also cause pain and crying. You should remember that New Born babies Crying often peaks at about first six to eight weeks and then gradually decreases.

 How to Calm down a crying baby?

From crying to colic to gas to hunger to lack of sleep, here are a few calming techniques that will help soothe a fussy baby.

  • Calm then by rocking in your hands.
  • Rocking the cradle.
  • Singing a lullaby by holding the baby in arms.
  • Changing the dress.
  • Changing the place.
  • More breast feeding.
  • Massaging baby’s Feet gently with your thumb.
  • Keeping baby upright position over the shoulder for a burp.

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