Grandma’s cure #4 – Loss of Appetite (Kids & Elders)

Ginger for Gut Health

Ginger is one of the most incredible herb that helps those suffer from low appetite. It basically acts like an appetite modulant, helping in metabolism and digestion too. It clears off the excessive fat stored inside the body.

Here is a simple remedy using Ginger for poor appetite.


Home Remedy for Low Appetite

Take a small piece of dried ginger, remove the skin and crush coarsely.

Add the crushed pieces in 3/4 liters of water.

Let it boil until it reduces to half.

Now add the boiled water with milk or curd and drink.

This will increase the eating capacity in kids and elders.

Adjust the quantity of the drink depending on the age. 10 ml would be enough for children of 2 years, 30 ml for children up to 8 years and nearly 80-100ml for 9 years and above.

Make sure you only take in recommended quantity as over consumption of ginger can lead to heartburn, discomfort in the stomach, burning sensation/irritation in the mouth.

Note: Dried ginger is normally available in all grocery stores.

Tips to Boost Immunity in Children

Few Quick Home Remedy Tips To Help Increase Hunger in Children

  • Sprinkle a few drops of lemon over the child’s favourite dish (so that he doesn’t refuse to eat that). Later, you can have him coming to you asking for food himself. The sourness helps in increasing the appetite.
  • Adding a little quantity of dry ginger powder to dishes again helps in boosting the food intake.
  • Dry roast a little quantity of pepper and cumin seeds, coarsely grind them. Mix it with hot rice along with ghee.
  • Dry roast carom seeds, add it in hot rice along with ghee.

Full article on handling children’s eating tantrums –

Tips To Handle Kids’ Eating Tantrums 

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