Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Dear Moms and Moms to be, Your Pleasant days are back, yeah… now that you have entered into second Trimester of your pregnancy. For a clearer know of weeks and months, here you go… if you are entering into 14 weeks, then you are in Second Trimester. The duration of second Trimester of Pregnancy is from 14 to 27 weeks, roughly 4th, 5th and 6th months of pregnancy.

This phase marks getting back to your good old relaxed mornings and routine as most of the troubles such as morning sickness, fatigue, vomiting, etc will go away gradually by itself as you enter this period of pregnancy.

second trimester
Second Trimester of Pregnancy

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Baby’s Growth

The baby’s growth gets more visibly evident and an Anemology scan between 18th and 22nd will be done to monitor your baby’s growth. The growth and movements of the baby can be clearly seen during this scanning.

Most of the countries around the world, exemptions of some, it is legal to reveal the sex of the baby.

What all happen during Second Trimester?

Bigger belly –

As the fetus inside the womb grows into its fourth month, the mom’s belly starts growing bigger and the baby bump starts showing as well.

Quickening –

Some moms-to-be start feeling the baby’s movements as early as 14th week, while most other pregnant women feel the movements from 19th week. These first movements of the fetus in the womb are called Quickening and also named as flutters. Many ladies tend to get confused about the baby movements with bloating in this period.

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Bleeding Gums –

Calcium in mom’s body gets absorbed for baby’s growth and also due to changes in hormones, calcium deficiency is highly likely during this trimester, which results in more blood circulation towards gums in the mouth and hence bleeding gums. But this is nothing to worry as it is normal and as with the intake of nutrient supplements, this goes away.

Breast enlargements –

Breast size increases as they are getting prepared for milk supply and secretion.

Constipation –

Due to the dehydration of the body and Iron supplements intake constipation can be a problem for every woman in this stage, but again this is normal.  To avoid this you should drink water frequently and have fiber rich food.

Frequent Urination –

The Expansion of Uterus pushes the bladder and increases the urination urge frequently. This will become normal after a few weeks.

Nose Bleeding –

The hormonal changes can cause nose bleeding, swelling, etc in some ladies. You can use saline drops with your doctor’s advice to avoid infection.

Improvement in Hair Growth –

As all pregnant ladies would have started with their regular Iron supplements and proper nutritional diet, good hair growth can be seen this time. This is a good sign that there is adequate supply to you and for the baby growth.

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What Foods to avoid during Second Trimester of Pregnancy?

You can have any type of food during this period, and make sure you have plenty of water and fiber rich food. Also, avoiding too much salt or salty food can benefit you in many ways.

These foods can be preferably be avoided now:

  • Sea Foods
  • Raw Meat
  • Uncooked Eggs
  • Cheese,
  • Dairy Products.

Is This Second Trimester more important period?

Every phase is important and this one is no exemption. It is important because now the umbilical cord becomes thicker, to enable sufficient food to be carried to the baby. For good nourishment for those two lives in the mom’s body, it is very important what she eats.

Needed Nutrient Supplements in Second Trimester

Folic Acid: Folic Acid is usually prescribed for the first three months. But if the pregnant lady is deficient of Folic acid, then doctor will advise to continue for another two months as it is very important for the baby’s growth. Inadequate Folic acid can result in Neural tube defects in the baby, which affects the spine, spinal cord and also the brain development. So it is vital if you continue taking folic acids, if you are prescribed to.

Calcium: As Calcium is important for the baby’s bone development and also for the mom-to-be’s bone health, continue eating Calcium from third month.

Iron: Iron is very essential supplement for a pregnant woman to maintain her haemoglobin level and also important for the fetal growth.


Once into the second trimester, you are gradually out of vomiting, heart burns and fatigue and thus will get better sleep from the second Trimester. But, now you should start practicing to sleep on your sides and avoid sleeping on your belly or your back. The best way to sleep is lie down on one side, get up and then turn to the other side and continue sleeping. You can place pillows for your back support or between your knees or under your abdomen.

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Happy Pregnancy!



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