Sleeping Positions for Newborn Babies

Which is the Best and Safest Sleeping Position of a Newborn Baby?

It is essential to know about the sleeping positions of the newborn baby for every new mom. While some positions can help his proper development and ensure safe and sound sleep, some can prove dangerous too, so knowing about the sleeping positions of a newborn can help you ensure that the baby is safe during his sleep.

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Things To Know For Placing The Baby To Sleep

Usually the babies move to the positions they are comfortable while sleeping like rolling to the sides after a few days from the first day of birth. Baby sleeping on his back, called as Supine sleeping position, is the safest one to avoid any unpleasant accidents. 

After breast feeding / formula feeding, make sure that you keep your baby in an upright position with his upper body and face resting on your shoulders and your hands supporting his neck/head and bottom, to make the baby burp. Then place the baby carefully supporting his head/neck and bottom/back using both your hands, with his back on the bed/cradle and not on his stomach/to his sides for safety reasons.

The cradles tied from the ceiling in a traditional way ensured this safe Supine position for the newborns, not just avoiding any accidents but strongly supporting the baby’s backbone.

Why Should Not Newborn be let to Sleep on his Stomach?

If you find your baby sleeping on his stomach, change the position immediately as there are high chances that it can reduce the oxygen supply for respiration.

It is advisable to make your baby sleep on his back until at least his one year. It is equally important to keep an eye on the baby while sleeping so that he does not roll over and change his position that can be risky.

Keep the baby warm, but over do by covering him heavy quits, wrapping in big towels etc. Let the baby be able to move his limbs to his comfort. Also, avoid placing a few soft pillows around for safety and support.

It is highly recommended to maintain the room temperature warm, not cool or hot.

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Good and Bad Sleeping Positions of Newborn Babies:

As mentioned above, the newborn sleeping position on his back is always good Position for safety and comfort and sleeping on sides and on his stomach are considered bad positions for bay to sleep.

Sleeping on the back:

Plus: Good, Safe and Comforting and supports the backbone.

Minus: The back side of the newborn’s head may flatten for a temporary period but even that can be easily treated by proper massage while bathing. This flatness will anyway change naturally once your baby grows.

Sleeping on the stomach:

Sleeping on the stomach reduces the oxygen supply and hence breathing can become difficult which is a high risk.

Also, the microbes from the mattress can easily get into the newborn’s body, as his nose is close to his bed. And it may cause easy pass of microbes through the mattress as the baby is very close to its nose. Never let your newborn sleep on his stomach unless the doctor has categorically advised him to be so for any medical reason.

Another one is that the baby can vomit if he sleeps on their stomach soon after his feed.

Sleeping on the sides:

Sleeping on the sides increases the chances of the baby rolling over to sleep on his stomach, which is not recommended for reasons stated above.

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Tips for Newborn To Get Proper Sleep:

Try To Avoid

  • Covering the baby completely while sleeping
  • Leaving the baby unwatched in a room
  • Keeping soft pillows around the baby
  • Making his bedding with soft blankets
  • Sleeping with the baby in the same bed
  • Too Cool or Too Hot Room Temperature.
  • Using mosquito Liquidator in the baby Room.

Ensure To

  • Keep monitoring your baby
  • Feed your baby every two hours at least for the first six months for healthy sleep time.
  • Ensure to make the baby burp after every feed
  • Turn your baby to sleep on its back if and when he changes positions
  • Keep the baby clothing, soft and light, while sleeping.
  • Leave the Room with mild light.

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