Benefits of Slimy Vegetables

Slimy vegetables are very good for our bodies. The slimy substance is known as mucilage. Mucilaginous fiber has a healing ability and plays an important role in the body’s immune system. 

Okra, flax seeds, colocasia, agar agar (china grass), Malabar spinach, plantain, and Aloe vera are some examples of slimy vegetables. 

Slimy or Mucilaginous Vegetables - Benefits

Let’s understand a few vegetables and herbs that have this slimy texture. 

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This is also known as lady’s finger, is rich in vitamin C and K1. Vitamin C is good for our immune system and is a water soluble nutrient. Vitamin K1 helps in blood clotting and is a fat soluble vitamin. Okra is low in calories and carbs. Okra contains polyphenols which are beneficial for the heart and brain. 

Flax seeds

This are considered super foods due to its high Omega 3 fat composition which are good for our heart. Flax seeds contain lignans, which can lower the risk of cancers. They contain soluble fibers and insoluble fibers which help in improving your digestive system, lower cholesterol. It reduces hunger pangs so can help in reducing weight. 


Taro root or Colocasia is a fiber rich food which can help in maintaining blood sugar levels. It helps in improving the digestive system. Taro root is a source of vitamin C which strengthens our body’s immunity against illness. 

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China grass 

This is a good source of calcium and iron. China grass or agar agar has a gel-like substance which collects in the gut. Thereby stimulating the intestine and helps in giving relief from constipation. Including china grass in your diet helps in hair growth and to have a glowing skin as it is rich in minerals and nutrients. 

Malabar spinach

That spinach have soluble fiber and so are very good for digestion. It’s high in vitamin A. It’s also rich in protein, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. It prevents ageing due to the presence of antioxidants. 

Aloe vera

It is rich in Vitamin C and so helps our body’s ability to absorb iron from a plant based diet. Aloe vera improves digestion and reduces incidences of stomach ulcers. 

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Benefits of Slimy Vegetables in our Regular Diet

Has a prebiotic effect  

Slimy vegetables have a probiotic effect on gut bacteria. They stimulate growth of gut bacteria. This will ensure an increase in good bacteria and therefore improves gut health.

Helps in correcting bowel movements

Vegetables have fiber, which has high water content and which, in turn, helps in easier bowel movements. 

To helps to heal the gut lining

The slimy vegetables can soothe the membranes of the digestive system. They stimulate your gut to secrete mucus, which helps in combating against acidity and prevents ulcers from getting formed. 

In removing toxins

Slimy vegetables have fibers which absorb toxins from the gastrointestinal tract and eliminates it from the body through the bowel movements. 

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