Helping Children during Exams

Exam time can be a stressful time both for the child and the parent.

  • Do not add to the pressure –

    The parent might be putting a lot of pressure on the child without realizing it. Be positive and reassuring when sending the child to the exam. Do not put a lot of pressure on him while he is studying. If you are feeling a lot of stress, find a way to relax yourself and never take it out on the child. Do not pressurize him to study faster and let him take their own time.

  • Keep away from digital distractions –

Video games and some amount of YouTube time must be cut down. Kids need to be told that this is just temporary, and they can continue their games after the exams. YouTube videos on the topic could be encouraged, if it can give a better understanding of the concepts. But, anyway during last minute revisions, keeping the child free from such distractions including educational videos is better.

This can as well, help the child to realize and understand the priorities of his to-do activities.

  • Ask if the child needs any help in studying –

Ask the child if he wants any help and analyze how he learns the topics. If you feel he is studying wrong, do not force him to study your way. Everyone has a different studying habit. Solve all your child’s doubts. You can ask others for help or the child can ask his teachers to help. Group studies can be encouraged, but he needs to be managed by the parent as the child can get easily distracted.

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  • Do not fully cut down on their play time –

The child needs to be sent outside for playing. May the duration can be cut down, not the play time. For example: If the child plays for two hours, the time can be cut down to one hour. Playing under the evening sun refreshes and relaxes the mind and the body and recoups him to resume his exam preparation. Extra exercise such as body stretches, squats, eye exercises, etc can also be encouraged.

  • Give the child a balanced diet and make him sleep on time –

    A balanced diet is necessary for the child for their energy levels. Do not let him skip any meal, let it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. The child might be in their room for long hours, so call them to the dining room and eat your meals with them. Keep a consistent sleeping routine and let him sleep at least for eight hours daily since deficit sleeping time will decrease their energy levels and they will not be able to learn properly.

  • Do not make the child study for hours at a stretch –

    Studying with breaks, for example, if the child has studied for 50 minutes, then take a break of 10 minutes. During this 10-minute break, the child can take in fresh air, a walk around the house or listen to relaxing music or white noise or have a casual chat with you. Let him avoid watching TV or playing games (virtual or physical) during the breaks. Breaks will relax the mind.

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  • Make sure the child understands what he learns –

    There is no use in mugging up everything for the exam. Makes sure the child is free of any doubt understands the concepts clearly. Let him take his own time for understanding the topics as well. Build an environment if he doesn’t understand, he can ask as many times more. Never overreact when he isn’t grasping the concept fast.

If the child has a problem memorizing things, help him think about it visually since pictures are easier to memorize. Other tips include the use of mnemonics for easy remembrance.

  • Do not let the younger siblings distract the child –

If the child has any younger siblings do not let them disturb the studying child. Send them to play or engaging them in playful activities, for example coloring pictures, drawing and revising things learnt in school.

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  • Be there for the child

    Last but not the least, be with the child physically and emotionally. This has extremely positive effects on your child. Minimize your outings, vacations and put a hold on TV shows. But remember to not overdo it, give the child some space when needed.

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