Why do I fall in love with Science?

– Avinash.

 Love stories are always a part of our literature in all languages.Teen talk for why do we love with the science. We have historically recorded many real stories in fictions and non-fictions. They were passed to the next generation through books and now mostly through multimedia. 

Teen Talk 2: Why do I Fall in Love With Science

  Whenever we hear a love story, we can’t avoid mentioning ‘Romeo – Juliet’ or ‘Shah Jahan – Mumtaz’. But we always give importance to love stories of people only. Now, I am going to share the story of my eternal love, which is an abstract one.

  Most stories start with names. Mine is not an exception. Her name is SCIENTIA. I met her during my school days. I was very curious to know about her, as her name literally means, TO KNOW. She was too mysterious to make me come out of my introvert zone to find something about her.

  However, my friends have started to compress her unlimited powers in four forms, namely Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Zoology and restricted her unimaginable abilities. They tied her with ropes named laws, theories, formulae and hypotheses. By doing so, they were hidden a fruit with infinite deliciousness. That made them, hate her. They don’t understand that knowing something itself, is science, till the end. 

  Luckily, I got a chance to speak directly with her. Our first conversation is still a life changing one. Her knowledge had no boundaries. With childhood innocence, I thought she had some sort of super powers. I asked her about the same. She just told me four words. I had no idea then, that those magical words are going to sculpt me in the upcoming years. 

   My amusement changed into love at that moment. I proposed. She accepted. Not a dramatic story, right?

  In the following years, our bond was strengthened. The main reason for which I like her is, SHE GAVE ME ANSWERS FOR ALL THE QUESTIONS I ASKED, WHICH OTHER PEOPLE EITHER IGNORED OR ASKED ME TO BELIEVE IT WITHOUT REASONS. She taught me to differentiate Superstitions and Ancestors’ view behind some traditions, which we follow now. 

  Let me tell you an example. A Few years back, my neighbors planned for a religious journey. Before they started, they placed lemons under the wheels. By pressing the lemons, they started off. When I asked for the reason, I got answers like they have the ability to attract negative energy, so that they will have a safe and sound journey. 

Kids’ Talk -1:  Teens’ Doubts and Parents’ Response by Diksha

  As you have imagined, I was not satisfied. When I asked Scientia, she told me that the people in olden days used animal carts to travel. The animals might have to walk through mud and untidy water. There is a chance for microbial especially bacterial infection. 

  It have acidic substance which is a villain to those microbes. By making the animals pressing the lemon, they coat a protective layer around their toes. Fun fact is that, we are using the same concept for rubber tyres without knowing its purpose. 

  But, everyone has exceptions, right? Though she has magnanimous knowledge, she too doesn’t know everything. She is like an ever-growing child. She tries to understand things. She creates an idea. When she learns it’s wrong, she accepts it and changes her views accordingly. 

Another lesson learnt from her: WHAT WE KNOW IS A DROP, WHAT WE DON’T KNOW IS AN OCEAN.

  According to Bob Dylan, Nobel Prize Winner for Literature, You can’t be wise and in love at the same time. But our love contradicts this statement with 100% certainty.

  We do have many meaningful conversations while we are in love. She taught me how to lose my EGO. When I flirted with Physics and Cosmology, I have learnt that I’m just a little speck in this gigantic universe, of which we observe just 5%. What made me now, were numerous LUCKY ACCIDENTS. There is nothing special in my creation for me to be proud of.

  At the same time, she doesn’t implicate, I have no special purpose. As a tiny speck, I can positively influence other little specks for a greater good by doing little things. (Butterfly Effect).

What I do, makes me special.

  Over the years, she was like an advisor to me, rather than a lover. I have learnt to be a good human from her, leaving behind the ties made by history. 

  Of all the things, I still remember the four words that she told me on our first meeting.


  Here I’m, still in the path of learning. Trying to understand the mysteries of the universe. Curious to know the reason behind all little things. Hope my journey doesn’t end. If it ends, will we have the same amusement and adventures as we are having now?  

  Thanks for reading till the end. A question to explore for you. If you have the craving for knowing things, Scientia will help you too. She is not reserved for me. Good Luck! 

  When an apple is released from a certain height, does it fall down or the earth rises up to catch it? 

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