Ideas for Routines of Children – What Could You Add to their Routines?

A day’s ideas of routine for a child, typically includes his meal times, study hours, school hours, play time, etc. Not much of a difference from an adult one, on the top level.

In order to maintain balance between work and life, manage physical and mental health, strike an equilibrium between work/school and social life, a child can be helped to adopt a few habits as part of their daily/weekly routine, which can go a long way into helping in their growing years and adult life.

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Ideas for Routines of Children

Diet Routine Ideas for Children

  • Let the child learn to eat his fill during his three meal times of the day. There is no point in overfeeding, It actually can be very unhealthy. Also, help the child not to eat junk foods.
  • After school hours is a good time to give healthy choices of foods. Even the child who is a fussy eater, will be normally hungry after his school. Make use of it to the fullest to habituate him to eat good food. It is also a wonderful chance to talk to the child regarding his day and inadvertently make him open up to share the happenings with parents.
  • Include protein in good amounts in the diet.
  • Food that boosts energy, aids in digestion, improves immunity are much needed in their diet for the day.

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Self-Care Routine Ideas for Children

  • Brush twice a day. Make sure the mouth area is clean after every meal, leaving no food particles stuck between the teeth.
  • Oil massage and a shower in warm water once or twice in a week can revitalize the body and the body.
  • Teen children can be taught about the bodily changes. Removal of hair at regular intervals, say once in a month or so.
  • Cleaning of their genital parts using warm water. Let them know they should keep themselves devoid of itching and such irritations.
  • Clipping nails regularly.
  • Never wear wet or damp under garments.
  • Use your own comb.
  • Clean the belly button, groin and butt, behind the ears, nostrils while bathing.

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Exercise/ Physical Activity Routine Ideas for Children

  • Outdoor is a must. Start with a walk with your baby, engaging him in helping him a lot of things he sees outside. Walk along with your child as he starts to walk and encourage him to observe and learn.
  • Let the child play with the children of his age around, both indoors and outdoors.
  • After 7 years or so, a simple body stretching/exercise/yoga can be introduced to the child and make him practice to follow in the morning times.
  • Sit-ups, eye exercises can help rejuvenate the body and the mind. A total of 10-15 minutes in the morning for a physical routine acts as a booster for the rest of the day and when done regularly, for the rest of the life as well.
  • A sport which demands quick response, should be practiced as part of the daily routine.

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Reasoning/Analytical Skills Development Routine Ideas for Children

  • Engage the child with activities that would exercise his brain.
  • Right from the tender age of listening to stories, questioning him, letting him ask questions, providing him proper answers. Example, you can start by asking simple questions from the story he has already listened to.
  • Storytelling need not be only fairy tales. Spin stories from his daily life, to give him better perceptions of his surroundings.
  • As the child grows, prepare worksheets of logical reasoning/analytical solving problems depending on his age. A sheet or two, twice or thrice in a week, if not daily can help improve his brain power.
  • Chess, Sudoku, Board Games, Cube, etc. are all good choices of time pass and brain games.

Management Skills Development Ideas for Children

  • Encourage him to pack his school bags the day before.
  • Instruct him to check if he has packed. Completed all that has been asked to be done and needed at school the next day.
  • With age, ask them to organize their wardrobes. Fold their clothes.
  • Assign cleaning their bike/cycle, shoes, etc as a weekly task.
  • Establish a proper sleep routine.
  • Screen time is inevitable, now. Help them manage their time on screen. Limited number of hours and regulated viewing are a must. Prolonged sitting should be avoided and sitting posture also should be right.

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Family Time Routine Ideas for Children

  • Family time on a daily basis is a must.
  • A meal together is a big plus.
  • Know the child’s activities for the day.
  • Make it a habit for the child to talk and share ‘what he liked, did not like, what he intends to do, how he felt about the day’ before his bed time. A word of gratitude, a prayer for forgiveness, a hope for the new day.
  • Discuss, seek opinions and consider suggestions from the children in family matters, especially in matters which involve them.

There cannot be a strict routine, in all reasoning, there need not be a strict one, actually. A day serving us with its destined fun, surprises, and learnings should be embraced as well.

The above mentioned are just a few tips and ideas to improve the quality of lifestyle for the children, for leading a healthy life. Some may be viable, some may not. So, be considerate while teaching these things, be patient until they understand and never drain their energy drilling them being stringent.

Also, a child does not easily get into a routine, given his moods, health, etc. A few of things he might be unwilling as well. Do not persuade, make him understand if you feel a certain thing is important and necessary, else forego it. The child might pick it up, when he will feel it is as important later in his life.

Happy Parenting!!


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