Grandma’s Cure – Dense Hair Growth Oil At Home

Pure coconut oil enriched with the nutrients from mehndi (henna) leaves can help hair grow denser and silkier.


Home made Hair Oil

Grind two handfuls of mehndi (Lawsonia inermis) leaves to a fine paste.

Heat 250ml of Pure Coconut Oil and once it turns hot, simmer the flame and add the ground paste of leaves.

Boil well till the rawness of the paste goes off, but take care not to overdo and lose the green tinge of the oil. Turn off the flame.

Cool and strain the oil and store in a glass bottle.

Method to Use:

Apply the oil prepared using the above method mildly to the hair and the scalp daily as you would do with normal coconut oil.

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Mehndi leaves are natural coolants, even though, they are used externally on the body in different ways.

While it is a long standing tradition to apply the ground leaves in a pattern in the palms and fingers for cooling the body heat, not all prefer to follow that method, as they leave both smell and color on the hands, which some do not like.

But, the hair oil prepared as said above, can be used by any as this leaves no smell or colour. Can reduce body heat and also control/regulate the bile overproduction in the body, which causes pre-mature greying of  hair.

Coconut oil and mehndi oil are a great combination to supply essential nutrients to the hair and its roots, which aids healthy, dense, shiny hair growth.

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  • Store in a glass jar.
  • Heated oil has no side effects and anyone can use this oil safely.
  • If you are prone to getting cold, massage the scalp and the hair (the entire length of your hair) nicely with the oil for an hour or so before washing it off with mild shampoo. Also, take care not to make the hair too dry and frizzy after hair wash.

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