Tips to Improve Reflexes in Children 

Reflexes are involuntary responses to a situation. They are your ability how fast you can react to an event. Being swift on your feet to catch a dropping glass to being able to quickly flex your body with ease. They help your performance in high pressure situations and can be life saving too.
Tips to Improve Reflexes in Kids

There is always at least a little amount of inborn reflex to every healthy individual. Some may find difficult to act upon with the necessary speed to avert or support a situation, basically with regards to their physical movements. In those cases, it becomes imperative to involve in activities which helps improve one’s reflexes. Even otherwise too, to build a sound body, such activities can help a lot.

Tips to Improve Reflexes in Children

So let’s see what activities to improve reflexes and increase reaction time in Kids

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Playing a sport regularly – 

We have all heard the phrase practice makes perfect. This is true even in the case of reflexes. There is no trick simpler than physically working out to increase speed up time. To sharpen your reflexes, it’s important to ensure that you develop your muscle memory. Muscle memory is built by playing a sport regularly for a long time. This gives enough time for the development of reflexes. 

Get adequate sleep – 

Sleep deprivation affects your reflexes and ability to make split second decisions. Research says that a person who is sleep deprived can be as sluggish as an alcoholic. So sleep for eight hours daily and preferably at around the same time. 

Playing outdoor games – 

Games like football, tennis that help in developing hand eye coordination and speed are very good for the development of your reflexes. 

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Video Games (Not Kidding)  – 

Keeping a keen eye and expecting unexpected, adjusting to the turn of events with a goal to score high, can actually help improve a child’s reflexes. Video games exactly do that. So, keeping up with the interest of playing video games amongst children, parents can let them spend some time playing a few harmless video games, of course with proper monitoring what they play and how long they play.
As a word of caution, too many hours spent on chasing and running games with multiple levels can really detrimental to a child’s physical and mental health more than any good.

Juggling soft objects – 

You can juggle 2 soft objects say a ball while starting and later try juggling 3 or 4 objects. 

Eat right – 

You need to have a healthy diet and include green leafy vegetables regularly in your diet to improve your reflexes. 

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Meditation – 

Stress affects our reflexes adversely. When we are stressed out nothing works well. So make time for relaxing as being stress free can enhance your reflexes. Regular meditation is a good stress buster. You can try yoga or simple breathing exercises in the beginning.
Consistency in following your routine is the key to improving your reflexes. 

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