Effective Ways to Improve Your Child’s English

We are in times where spoken English is regarded as a very important skill. While it is equally important to make your child familiar to his mother tongue, you can very well introduce English as well, as early as possible.

Most of the children, now, are on summer break, which can be put to use to improve your child’s English, both written and spoken, albeit as that of fun activity and not as a classroom learning. Let us look at some ideas for the same.

Ways to Improve your child’s English

Tips for Good English

Play way:

For children who are at the age of 4, can identify a few letters. In order to teach the spelling, we can use puzzle cards which are available in the markets, which have a picture with letters.

For example: Fish – the picture of the fish has been cut into four parts and the children need to fix it by finding all the letters of the fish. Here, you can help them by writing on a paper the correct spelling of the fish and ask them to find the four cards and fix it together to bring up the picture of the fish. By this cognitive processing, fine motor skills and language will also be developed.

You can make your own cards too at home, a few words everyday will help the child to improve his English in a long way.


This is one of the most important things which you need to start for your child from a young age. Start reading the books to them when they are toddlers, and eventually advance them to reading by themselves, probably by 6 years of age.

To interest them in the reading, get books of their favourite and liking. A book about favourite cartoon character or favourite topic/object will create an interest in the child to read it. This can further grow into writing about what they have read.

How To Start Reading for Toddlers

Diary writing:

Writing is the first step in improving the language in the real sense. Once as a toddler children learn to create words using the sound of the letters, encourage them to write it before they start reading others’ books. Before the child starts reading and tries to understand what others have written, expressing one’s own thoughts is comparatively easier and prepares their brain to gradually channel their thoughts into proper stringing of words and express better.

Even if their Grammar and spelling mistakes are not a matter of concern, just encourage them to write their thoughts. Journal them, they can start writing a diary.

These little practices of reading and writing will help him to grow into a well-spoken and thoughtful individual.

Developing Oral Language Skills in Toddlers


Another way to develop the language is by taking children to different places like zoo, mountains, malls, exhibition and talking more about the place and giving a lot of vocabulary explaining the beauty or the place itself.

With the joy of exploring new places children learn a lot of words and will listen to what you say and they themselves will express their thoughts to you.

A simple walk every day outside the home can be good enough too.

Enrichment of language:

When we speak to the children, use a wide range of vocabularies, give a rich language. To start with, always mention objects and anything around them using appropriate names and proper pronunciation as much as possible. Add on details about them. Use a variety of adjectives while describing.


Summer break is the best time for the children to do projects at home where they get more time than the normal school times. Some projects can be language based too.

Arrange for group discussions among children within your societies.  Riddles with cryptic meanings, circle time for toddler children, etc. help a lot deal in trying to understand many different things from different people.

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The last but not the least, especially in today’s times, where videos have been the favourite pastime for many children, is watching videos online. Insist on watching the content in English and you ensure the language spoken is appropriate, mistake free and devoid of anything bad or abusive. Watching videos combines entertainment along with language improvement in children.

The above ideas will slowly and gradually help the language develop in the child. The foundation of the language should be strong. So, use proper grammar, a lot of adjectives, exact prepositions, etc. while speaking to the children. Listening to good English is the base for everything.

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