Yakult for Kids: Benefits and Side Effects

Yakult is a probiotic fermented milk drink for kids which manufactured in Japan. It contains Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota.

yakult for kids

Yakult for Kids

Yakult is good for children and adults. It can be taken even by pregnant ladies. Children above the age of 8 months can have one bottle of Yakult (65 ml) in a day. It would be better to start with smaller quantities and then gradually increase the quantity. Adults may have one or two bottles of Yakult in a day, though each bottle can be had in an interval of 5-6 hours between them.

Though it is said Yakult can be taken every day, it isn’t really the case. A bottle of this drink approximately contains 10g of sugar, which is quite a lot. However, consuming a bottle once in a week as a supplementary drink or as a part of the child’s snack box would be more than enough for enjoying its benefits.

Good Parenting: Good Habits – Health and Hygiene

The main aim of Yakult is providing good bacteria for better gut health. Hence, it is definitely a much better option than other sugary drinks available in the market. 

As a side note, make it a habit to give fermented healthy drinks to children as often as possible, if not daily. Our age old traditional foods like fermented cooked rice water (cooked rice soaked in water and left overnight) and buttermilk are other healthier and easier options which are rich in good bacteria and good for our gut health.

Benefits of Yakult for Kids

Prevents constipation

Yakult contains probiotics which ensure that your digestive system works smoothly. This regulates the bowel movement and therefore prevents constipation. 

Improves immunity

Children catch ear infections, colds, coughs and sore throats very often and easily. Drinking Yakult, which is rich in good bacteria improves immunity and reduces occurrence of such infections in children. 

Reduces anxiety and stress

A person with a healthy gut is likely to have a healthy mind too. Yakult contains lactic acid bacteria which reduce stress and anxiety. This helps in boosting cognitive functioning. This will ensure that a child who drinks Yakult will be alert and focused. The child will be capable of handling stressful situations better. 

Probiotics aids in maintaining a positive mood balance, reduces cortisol levels (a stress hormone), and increases cognitive performance. Child consuming Yakult that is rich in probiotics enjoys all these benefits.

Reduces chances of cancer

Yakult helps in the removal of harmful toxins that are cancer causing. Bacteria present in Yakult fights cancerous cells before it becomes dangerous to one’s life. 

Improves heart health 

Yakult is also good for improving heart health and reduces chances of cardiovascular diseases. It regulates cholesterol levels and reduces inflammation. 

Helps in maintaining healthy skin

Probiotics help in maintaining a healthy skin by keeping your skin clear of toxins. Good bacteria in Yakult will manage skin conditions like rosacea, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis that can occur when gut health is poor. 

Facilitates weight management

Yakult reduces the tendency of overeating and also helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system. All this helps in maintaining weight. 

Tips to Boost Immunity in Children

Side effects of Yakult

Although Yakult is good and has many health benefits, it has some side effects too.

  • Bloating

Bloating is experienced initially until the person’s body adjusts to the bacteria. 

  • Lactose intolerance

Yakult is a beverage made with skimmed milk so those with lactose intolerance may have allergic reactions. 

  • Weak immunity power

Most people benefit from probiotics yet some people cause infections with low immunity power. 

Probiotics are very beneficial and important for our body. Consuming Yakult regularly can be beneficial in maintaining a healthy gut and therefore a healthy life in general. 

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