Persistence – Tips and importance of staying persistent


“Persistence is the quality which allows a person to continue doing something or to try and do something even though it’s a difficult task or opposed by others around him.”

Persistence as a god virtue

It’s of utmost importance to be persistent to achieve anything worthwhile. Nothing worthwhile is possible without a struggle. Everyone fails but the one who succeeds is the one who keeps getting up and trying again and again till he finds a way to achieve what he wants.

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Tips to stay persistent.

Do you want to be someone who is persistent in the face of adversity?

The Simple mantra is to stay up and close to your goals and keep working on the process.

  • Find a goal that you want to achieve.
  • Understand your personal reasons to achieve the goal.
  • Make a plan to achieve the goal by breaking the bigger goals into small goals.
  • Celebrate your achievement of every small goal.
  • Do a review of how you achieved the goal.
  • Review your plan based on your new understanding.
  • When you fail, try to understand what you did wrong and take steps to correct what you can.
  • Keep trying to be consistent with your actions.

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Importance of persistent actions to achieve your goals

  • Not just performing, not just the talent gets you to your goals. You have to persist and perform.

Nothing is impossible for one who keeps trying to move forward and doing the required action. Every small action in the right direction is getting you closer to your goal. Making a plan and keeping your commitment by following through the plan is important for your self-belief to be good.

  • Persistence builds self-esteem and self-esteem lets you to be persistent.

High self-esteem is important for you to be persistent when the going gets tough. A person who isn’t consistent might end up having low self-esteem and might not have the courage to push through the troubling time. A person with low self-esteem might not be able to bear the humiliation of failure.

  • Staying strong against the challenges.

High self-esteem can be said as a by-product of persistent actions in the right direction. A person who does the right thing even when it’s difficult is a person of great integrity. Every time the person does things that are hard it’s like exercising. It gets easier with time and the person might get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Growth as a person also builds self-esteem and this is like a cycle. Getting better at doing the right action even in uncomfortable things will ensure that the person reach success.

“Winners Never Quit & Quitters Never Win” – Vince Lombardi.

As the above quote does, fix a goal and be  persistent to see that you achieve every goal.

Have a successful journey of life!

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