Myths about Broiler Chicken Busted

Myths and Facts on Broiler Chicken

We have all heard about how bad is it each broiler chicken and eggs. But, not all are true. Let us bust a few myths with facts.

Myth #1

  • Broiler chickens are big because they are grown using hormones.


Hormones or steroids are not given to broiler chickens during production. Following good practices of breeding, nutrition, regular and timely care of veterinary doctors and good living conditions contribute to bigger and faster broiler chicken.

myths and facts about chicken

Myth #2

  • Broiler chickens are huge in size as they are genetically modified.


Broiler chickens are not genetically modified. Instead, better and improved farming techniques are the actual reason for bigger broiler chickens. They are bred using the traditional methods by breeding healthy and strong chickens together. Good breeding leads to the next generation being continuously better than the previous generation. Good breeding over decades has resulted in the current generation of huge chickens that we see these days.

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Myth #3

  • If broiler chicken has been given antibiotics, then when you consume also the chicken contains residue of the antibiotic.


Broiler chicken might have to be given antibiotics when they are sick. It’s just like how we humans have antibiotics when we get sick. These antibiotics get cleared from the chicken’s system before they are given out of the farm. It takes a maximum of 7 days for the effects of antibiotics to leave the chicken’s body entirely.

Myth #4

  • Broiler chickens that are produced for meat consumption are raised in cages.


Broiler chickens produced for meat consumption are raised in large open structures where they are free to roam, munch food and drink water and mingle with the chickens.

Myth #5

  • Broiler chickens are bad for health.


Broiler chicken that are bred and raised organically using plant-based feed are healthy and nutritious. They are a source of protein, amino acids and Vitamin D. Chicken can increase serotonin levels in the body.

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Myth #6

  • All chickens get injected and they might cause hormonal imbalance to some people


It is practically impossible to inject each chicken. This is because most of the chicken farms have more than 1000 chickens. Injecting each of them twice a day to make them grow can be cumbersome. Broiler chicken is large because of good breeding and well cared chickens.

Myth #7

  • Red meat is healthier than chicken.


White meat or chicken has less saturated fats and calories than red meat. What’s probably more harmful is having fried or broasted chicken regularly.

5 Things to Consider While Buying Chicken

The above are a few of the myths believed commonly, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Now let’s look at some important things that we need to keep in mind about consuming chicken.

  • Buy chicken cut afresh from trusted local vendors, or if it is packaged chicken, buy from an established brand, this is to make sure the process of chilling/packaging involves very little to no chemicals.
  • Should be odourless and pinkish in colour.
  • Try to limit consumption to once or twice a week.
  • Prefer skinless as the skin contains saturated fats which are high in calories.
  • Ensure to avoid the chicken is not pooled with excess package liquid. Also, ascertain, the chicken is injected or soaked in chemicals to enhance the taste.
  • Cook chicken well with spices to ensure that any residue of antibiotics gets degenerated. This is just to be sure in case the chicken was given antibiotics within 7 days of purchase.

Broiler chicken is only as unhealthy as the vegetables and fruits grown using excess chemical fertilizers. As we make efforts to consume vegetables organic or less of chemicals, we need to ensure we buy chicken from places where the breeding, processing, chilling and packaging follow proper standards. Too much of anything is bad, again applies to whatever we eat. Just be mindful and cautious.

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